Saturday, November 14, 2009

Once a week, both kids take an afterschool art class held at Lilli's school campus. It is a mixed media class and they learn various techniques in painting, drawing, and clay, primarily. This is the second year we've done the classes in the fall and both kids really enjoy it.

Lilli has a lot of art instruction through her regular school, but the small class size (6 kids) really allows them to go in-depth and focus and get a lot of individual instruction time with the teacher. And since Miles does *not* get a lot of art instruction at school - and since he has a very positive attitude about and ASKED to do this class again - it's definitely worth it for both of them.

Also, here's a cute thing: a few weeks ago when we had our 2 days of rainstorm, Miles said to me, "I love going to art class when it rains. It's just so relaxing to be working in the barn when it's gloomy and raining outside."

You just don't always know what they are getting out of it or what the experience as a whole means to them...

As for the art itself... Well, I know I am their mother, but I am definitely IMPRESSED with the following creations:

Sushi Platter, by Miles

(love the texture, the use of a shell to make the imprint for the fin, etc.)

Frog on Lily Pad, by Lillian

removable frog on lily pad, that is...

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of amazed that an 8yo produced this. The teacher said Lilli used a photograph to model this frog & lily pad, and I can't believe the detail on the frog with the toes and the back legs, etc. Pretty cool.

If anyone is local, we highly recommend art classes with Claudia Stevens. She teaches both in Aptos and on the West Side.