Friday, December 11, 2009

A foggy morning in the coastal hills...

I was taking the trash out this a.m. (very romantic) and stopped to appreciate how beautiful our little rolling hillside/valley really is... especially when it's foggy and misty outside.

If you were coming to visit me, this is what you'd see as you pulled into the driveway:

David's finished barn (it's not lop-sided, I am) -

Our little blue Smurf house tucked into the hillside:

(why, yes, the barn DOES seem bigger than the house! You need to talk to David about getting his priorities straight...)

Although we have other neighbors who are physically closer to us, they are obscured by trees & hills, so that this is the only other house we can actually SEE from our property:

Hello, neighbor! (Lived here 6 years and have no idea who they are or how one gets to their house...)

Some of that property beyond the white fence is ours, but we are non-productive "farmers" - haha. No domesticated animals, no crops, just overgrown brush & random fences for deer to jump.