Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Proud of Lilli's poem for 7th grade English: 

I am from parakeet feathers
From blankets big and small
Pink curtains in my room that match the green wall
Stuffed animals piled high
And clothes fit just for me

I am from quails
From dry grass in the front yard
Little white tails on deer
And green apples that grow on a tree in the front yard that have a sour taste

I am from bikers wearing colorful clothes
From houses mostly yellow and brown but mine is a light blue
Old mean neighbors
And cats, orange, white, and black

I am from Sadie my cousin who is just the most fun to play with
From Nate my other cousin who has a wild spirit but is so sweet
And Asher the smallest of the Wayne family who just wants to play and be your friend

I am from chill out
From okie dokie artichokie
And see ya later alligator

I am from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Honey bunches of oats our favorite cereal
And muffins from Safeway

I am from the blue ball park in Santa Cruz
Orchard School the best place on earth
And my back yard

I am Lillian Wayne

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